The CAGEAD Brand

Our Brand serves to highlight our current Strategy and our continuous commitment to transforming the lives of vulnerable women and girls.

Our Brand is primarily represented by a logo which proposes a combination of IMPORTANT icon concepts as a standalone icon above the CAGEAD Acronym written in its corporate title Font (Montserrat Black).

It includes 2 laurel wreaths to highlight CAGEAD’s work in Peace (Humanitarian work), a silhouette of an African Woman holding a megaphone to highlight advocacy, a Man and child to highlight who CAGEAD works for and how she involves #He4Shes and an outline of a bean seed edged into the D of the acronym to feature the bean (which also represents the reproductive system of a woman) as a symbol of CAGEAD’s work.

The logo employs the use of CAGEAD’s new corporate colours including:

  • Orange = universal colour for Gender work
  • Electric Blue = Soft and Professional Colour generally representative of Peace/Humanitarian work
  • Bright Pink = A variation of the generally utilized pink colour for work involving women.

Our brand is primarily informed by our Vision statement which is “A peaceful society where empowered women and girls are [equally] contributing to sustainable development”

Equally as important is the Bean icon which we identify with as a representation of the work we do – incubating and nurturing a better life for women and girls.

We believe that every woman and girl should be given the opportunity to be the best versions of themselves and to live healthy, peaceful, secured and safe lives. They should have access to leadership and ICT opportunities, be included in every decision-making avenue that affect everyday life and lead sustainable ventures that contribute to make their lives and that of their communities better.