Ma Mary is now a member of the Lower Ndamukong Central Traditional council

Ma Cheo Mary, a widow 64 years of age is now a member of the Lower Ndamukong Central Traditional Council and very outgoing. 

Before the Peacebuilding activities of CAGEAD, she would only go to her farm and attend her church meetings. No persuasion from her grown-up children moved her into any social or community-building activity.

After attending the Mboini club in her neighbour’s compound she found the lessons interesting.  She then accepted membership in the Unit 5 traditional council and viewing her brilliant participation in discussions was further appointed as a member of the Conflict resolution committee. A few months later all six unit councils were asked to send in 3 members to form the Central council, one of whom must be female. The council nominated her and she accepted.

She now ably represents the Unit 5 council in the Central Council. She is very happy with her new post and promises not to stay away from any meeting reason being that she enjoys her post and is learning much that she imparts to the community. She now has the opportunity to defend the rights of women and the girl child during council sessions.

Like her many other women are members of the Central Traditional Council and actively participate in defending women’s interests at decision-making level.