Mme Bolam Agnes is now popularly called “Mami Peace” in her neighbourhood

Mme Bolam Agnes, a staff of CAGEAD/CEO of GRAWICAM, is now popularly called “Mami Peace” in the Ntamuche neighbourhood of Nkwen village. 

Before getting involved in the CAGEAD Peacebuilding activities, Mme Agnes was a GBV Case Manager in CAGEAD. She later was trained on the localization of UNSCR 1325 and empowered to supervise the 30 peace clubs in the Bamenda I and III municipalities. She has been acting as the CPA of Mbone Peace Club of Ntamuche quarter in Bamenda III. She has been mediating and negotiating conflicts and one popular one between the military and some youths of the neighbourhood that resulted in the release of the youths arrested by the military earned her the name “Mami Peace”.

The Quarter head of the neighbourhood trusts and relies on her for most of the conflicts that require mediation.  She also accepted the post of Women’s leader in the Belo council where her services are highly solicited.