Tani Umatu now runs a growing roadside table market

From a full-time housewife, Mme Tani Umatu Yenui of the Zumunchi Peace Club now runs a growing roadside table market stocked with common provisions for daily use.

Mme Tanimu, 27 years old, lives in the “Hot spot” neighbourhood in Bamenda I Sub Division. Before knowing about the CAGEAD Peace building program, Umatu was a housewife in the strict sense of it. Visiting even a neighbour was out of place.

With the formation of the Zumunchi Peace Club in her neighbourhood and having as CPA, Mme Ladi Pulera, another Muslim, her husband listened to her plea to attend club meetings. From the teachings of the localization of UNSCR 1325, Umatu convinced her husband of the need to allow her to participate in the running of the home by running a roadside table market, especially as he is out of town most of the time.

She attends Peace club meetings regularly and runs the home from the table market when her husband is out of town.