CAGEAD celebrates the Day of the African Child 2023

CAGEAD joined the rest of the world on the 16th June 2023 to celebrate the DAY OF THE AFRICAN CHILD under the theme "THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD IN THE DIGITAL ENVIRONMENT."

This Day of the African Child is to commemorate the brave action that children took to defend their rights as well as inspire a sober reflection and action towards addressing the challenges that children in Africa face daily. Internet access and usage have been increasing globally and the digital era has fundamentally changed how children exercise and realise their rights. The rights of every child must be respected, protected and fulfilled in the digital environment.

Innovations in digital technologies affect children’s lives and their rights in ways that are wide-ranging and interdependent, even where children do not themselves access the Internet. Meaningful access to digital technologies can support children to realize the full range of their civil, political, cultural, economic and social rights. However, if digital inclusion is not achieved, existing inequalities are likely to increase, and new ones may arise.

CAGEAD has a program area dedicated to Girls and ITC /STEAM. Here, priority is given to women and girls to familiarize themselves with digital technology and utilize it to bring meaningful changes to their lives.

In our work to prevent Gender-based violence, CAGEAD is working with Adolescent girls and young women to produce video skits and digital content sensitizing against GBV in their schools and communities. CAGEAD is equally hosting a GBV Alert platform on her website through which they respond to cases of that are reported through the platform.

CAGEAD has created huge awareness on proper menstrual hygiene management, especially for adolescent girls through the use of graphic designs and technology.